Meet the Team

Laurence Hudghton Director/Photographer

Laurence is the founder.

Phil Barton Director/Photographer

Phil is co-owner.

Phoebe Singleton Office Manager

Phoebe keeps the place together.

Laura Turner Photographer

Laura is indispensible.

Jan Brewer Set and Prop Stylist

Jan is a stylish stylist.

What Do Our Customers Think

Our Skills

  • Food Photography 100%

  • Drink Photography 100%

  • Location Photography 100%

  • Image Retouch 100%

Why Choose Us?

Our Directors have a wealth of photographic experience, and we believe our passion for our work and business means we offer an excellence in imaging work, unrivalled by competitors. As photography is our sole focus we are not distracted by other elements of the design process, and as such we remain true to our values and can offer a unique service that others in the field cannot. Our continued success as an independent photography studio for twenty one years stands as testimony to the consistent quality of our work.

Together our photographers have over forty years experience, and as such have a deep understanding of the ethos, vision and trends that have developed over this period.

During this time we have been continually engaged as the sole photographic agency on multi-skilled projects, which have been briefed into us by our client’s marketing teams. As such we have built up excellent client working relationships with both the marketing teams and design agencies with whom they collaborate.

As a small business, our livelihood is inherent upon our success and this means that we care about our clients and so are extremely client focussed. We believe this is reflected in our desire to provide a more flexible, personalised service, working closely with clients in order to deliver a high quality product to meet their specifications.

Our many years of experience of working with different organisations has allowed us to develop a greater understanding of different brands and their ethos, also the longevity of our relationship with some of our key clients clearly evidences our ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with our customers. We believe that we are perfectly positioned to deliver the high quality imagery that clients rightly demand from its supplier base and look forward to building such relationship with you.

We were one of the first photographers in the North West to embrace digital photography, using it initially to support high volume catalogue work for an electronics client, part of the Maplin group. Later as technology developed we were the first to introduce its use for food packaging within the Co-operative Group. We still pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, keeping ourselves up to date with the latest developments in equipment and software. This ensures products of the highest quality are delivered to our clients.

Furthermore we are extremely dedicated to the training and development of our staff both through formal and informal processes. We also offer regular work experience to school children and college students. We believe this helps sustain and maintain the photography industry to which we have dedicated our lives and careers.

As we are independent from any one design agency or brand we believe we offer key benefits:

  • From our work with a broad range of agencies and clients, we have exposure to numerous styles and creative influences and can offer a better understanding of contemporary design and photographic trends.
  • We are better placed to help critique photographic requests and its compliance with any brand guidelines and briefs.
  • We have greater autonomy with whom we choose to work, and how we choose to work with them

We are continually seeking new ways in which our mutual communication channels can be kept broad and free flowing; such as introducing remote approval of shots, enabling the client to maintain creative control even if they can’t attend the shoot in person. This not only gives the client flexibility, but also serves to reduce costs and travel, which in turn reduces both businesses environmental footprint.

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Our studio is located in Stockports's centre, conveniently next to Stockport train station.

Laurence Hudghton Photography Ltd
2 Thomas Street
P: +44 (0) 1614779558

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