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We are respected food and drink specialists with a proven track record of delivery for a wide breadth of clients and in a broad range of styles. We offer superior skills in lighting, being able to recreate a variety of different times of day; with interior, exterior moods and feel. We are able to employ digital techniques to capture complex and challenging motion shots giving a still image the impression of movement to bring the picture to life. We feel that our ability to retouch as we shoot gives a distinct advantage over post shoot retouch, as knowledge of how the shot has been lit enables us to deliver more complex images. In order to ensure adherence to quality we not only employ rigorous pixel editing but have dedicated systems to enhance our ability to carry out colour retouch, supplying original RGB and industry standard converted CMYK files, giving greater scope and more options to your chosen artwork and repro suppliers.

Maintaining High Standards

As a means to support our continuous improvement as a photography business and the development of our team; we conduct biannual photography review sessions. These incorporate the LHP photographic team reviewing both our own work and other work being completed for our clients and their competitors. This allows us to identify poor standards of work, best in class work as well as emerging styles and trends. With this knowledge base we can drive proactive improvement in our own response to briefs and take into account the impact that print and its application onto different substrates can have on the photographic image. The longevity of our company and its client relationships also demonstrates our ability to maintain and develop our studio as a business that remains relevant to our clients. This has been achieved via the production of consistently high quality imagery for our clients.


LHP has been in existence for twenty one years and has operated a fully functional business during this time. As a small business we are able to maintain financial stability via prudent financial control and mechanisms, such as employing a full-time office manager and ensuring we have capacity to undertake any work we enter into arrangements to deliver. We have never failed to deliver high quality, bespoke and timely products that meet the requirements of our client’s specification. We achieve this via a personalised service in which we consult closely with clients and adhere strictly to their brand requirements, seeking to reflect the ethos of the company and products we are working with. Our collective expertise has been honed with over forty years experience of working within the photography industry, with a wide and varied client group ranging from large organisations to small, local enterprises.

Location Location Location

We operate out of a centrally located, modern, well equipped studio. This is broken down into a large open shooting area plus 2 private shooting areas, that can accommodate up to 5 simultaneous shooting beds, 3 fully equipped kitchens and an extensive free to use prop department. Inside a secure area we have a fully kitted retouch suite. Further to this we have two comfortable client seating areas, each include full Wifi and a separate work bar, for private working.

Photography Excellance

We as a company have always prided ourselves on our commitment to high standards. The nature of our business is such that we are immediately open to scrutiny by all those who view our work and sub standard results would be immediately apparent. This high standard can only be achieved and maintained by our continual research of current styles and influences as well as review of past images to search out areas to evolve.


We undertake our social and ethical responsibilities seriously:

  • Encouraging and providing employees with facilities to support green travel initiatives, e.g. provision of secure cycle storage
  • Helping the development of young people in the community via the support of school and college work experience placements.
  • Recycle all waste materials that can be.

We are a proud equal opportunities employer.

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